This Week and Next Week

This Week and Next Week

“Hey, where’s this week’s installment?” Well, it was coming, along with a Baker’s Dozen…and then it didn’t. For the first time since I started this newsletter last July, I’m taking a week off from publishing. The reasons are simple and mostly personal but definitely not “Are you OK?!?” serious (and partially due to the legwork involving an impending move).

If you are a paying subscriber and are disappointed by this or feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth, I’m sorry and I will not blame you if you unsubscribe. Realistically, there will probably be times in the future in which I take a week off, although I don’t intend on doing it too often (three or four times a year at most?).

With this (really, very brief) pause, it seems like a good time to ask anybody who receives this newsletter—both free and paid subscribers—if there’s anything they’ve been looking for me to write about or if there’s any types of writing they’d like to see here more often.

There’s a few ways you can reply to this newsletter, and most of you already seem to know how so I won’t try to explain Substack to a bunch of people who have already signed up to get newsletters from Substack. But if you can’t figure it out, you can also reach me at Don’t be shy! I love hearing from readers as long as they aren’t being assholes.

In the meantime: a lot of cool stuff coming up I think! Interesting interviews, plenty more Baker’s Dozen playlists, some long-term projects I’m trying to build out in advance too. As for the short-term: next week is going to be focused mostly on dance music, which I’ve had a reader or two mention to me in the past. There’ll be an interview with Swedish producer Lokey, a 19 Thoughts on DJ Koze’s “Seeing Aliens,” and a special (read: not just mostly new music I’ve been listening to) Baker’s Dozen playlist. OK! See you later.

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Jamie Larson