Baker's Dozen: Lomelda, Gatecreeper, R.A.P. Ferreira, and the Best Coldplay Cover You'll Hear This Week

Baker's Dozen: Lomelda, Gatecreeper, R.A.P. Ferreira, and the Best Coldplay Cover You'll Hear This Week

Baker’s Dozen is a recurring weekly feature in which I share a playlist of songs I’ve been enjoying lately, along with commentary on said songs and artists as well as whatever else I want to comment on. Also, it’s my brother’s birthday today! Happy birthday Kevin.

Hovvdy, “Warning Sign”

My friend Willie sent this to me, thanks Willie. In terms of rock-leaning stuff with a dance-y backbeat, Hovvdy’s Coldplay cover certainly beats the shit out of a New Radicals reunion. Also, it’s just an incredible cover—totally changes the way I hear the song and is my preferred version now. I put on Coldplay’s version this afternoon just after listening to this and it felt like wading through molasses in comparison.

R.A.P. Ferreira, “rejoice”

I liked milo’s first album and didn’t really keep up, but it seems like his releases as R.A.P. Ferreira feature him doing something different sonically. Maybe I just don’t know that much about his work as milo! Either is possible. Anyway, his new album is good, I think I like it a little more than the last one. Funny to try and highlight one song off of it because the whole thing kind of flows like a dream—but that’s what I try to do here, so.

Viagra Boys, “In Spite of Ourselves” [ft. Amy Taylor]

YEAR0001 releasing the new Viagra Boys album just further cements how weird and interesting YEAR0001 is as a label right now. (I’ve highlighted music from the label before around these parts.) Journalist Brandon Soderberg pretty much summed up what makes this album so appealing:

this new Viagra Boys album is real good: laughing but very serious songs about drugs and desperation and being a shithead that ends with a John Prine cover I mean just geez-a-whizJanuary 26, 2021

Really interesting band, more so than most of their peers right now I think. And this John Prine cover is really great in a sickly-sounding way.

Ransom, “Pride”

Wouldn’t be a Baker’s Dozen if there wasn’t something Griselda-affiliated. I don’t even stan like that, the music just sounds good, it’s 100% over-30 hip-hop comfort food and I can confirm this by the number of over-30 musicians and listeners who have also said they love listening to Griselda stuff. It’s a thing! A not particularly surprising thing, but a thing nonetheless. As I said back in July, let’s see how much longer they can keep this up.

Jazmine Sullivan, “The Other Side”

Jazmine Sullivan’s the GOAT and she always has been. Heaux Tales is another incredible record from one of the best working artists in R&B, she always takes her time and it’s worth it. This song is mind-blowing to me, the third verse is my favorite moment in music this year so far.

The Style Council, “My Ever Changing Moods (Extended Version)”

More Style Council, great band. I’m looking forward to reading this Washington Post article about sophisti-pop and the Style Council when I get a sec, maybe you’ll like reading it too.

shame, “Snow Day”

These guys are basically the Maximo Park of the post-post-post-punk revival, and if that means something to you then pull up a bowl of bran flakes and let’s start collecting those social security checks. I liked one song from their first album, the new one has a few more that I like, seems like they’re getting better. The song structure on this one is real clever, reminds me of Women.

Bill Callahan, “Ry Cooder”

When Gold Record came out, I saw a few people say it’s bad? It’s good! It’s Bill Callahan, how could it not be good. He’s a real straight-shooter.

Lomelda, “It’s Lomelda”

It’s Lomelda!

Declan McKenna, “You Better Believe!!!”

I’ve written about this kid before in these parts. Still unconvinced he’ll amount to much more than an answer in whatever the British version of Jeopardy! is in the long run, but I like the energy of this song. The rest of the album sounded decent on the first spin, not-so-great the next. It happens.

Everything Everything, “Violent Sun”

My wife referred to what we were listening to as “shitty Radiohead” before putting on headphones, and honestly, that’s one of my favorite sub-genres of musicSeptember 28, 2020

Beach Bunny, “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)”

Best song on the new Beach Bunny EP, I think there’s something really affecting about how straightforward her songwriting is. I’m a fan! (The EP as a whole is just ok compared to the LP from last year.)

Gatecreeper, “Superspreader”

Heavy stuff. I recently found out one of my best friends has been making a playlist of the songs he likes from my Baker’s Dozens, and he admitted that the “harsher” stuff isn’t really his thing. So I’m putting the harsher stuff at the end of the playlists now so that people like Dan (I’m assuming there are quite a few out there) can get through it. Sorry, Dan. Thanks, Dan.

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