Baker's Dozen: Yves Jarvis, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, and a Brief Complaint About Concert Tickets

Baker's Dozen: Yves Jarvis, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, and a Brief Complaint About Concert Tickets

Baker’s Dozen is a weekly thing for paid subscribers where I share a playlist and some thoughts on the music I’ve been listening to.

Saint Guel, "Still Life"

Listen to this song on Bandcamp.

Another heater from the Harvest Vol. 1 comp, which I highlighted last week. Probably sharing a few more tracks on future installments too. Still haven't really heard dance music out in the wild this summer yet but music like this makes me want to all the more.

Bby Eco, "Oxy"

A friend recommended the Bby Eco album to me during a convo about hyperpop, really interesting and at times strikingly beautiful album...kind of more on the Arthur Russell side of things.

Anna Von Hausswolff, "Outside the Gate (for Bruna)"

The Anna Von Hausswolff album from last year (this year? who can keep track) is great, it's kind of a Sigur Rós-y take on the swarming, melancholic organ drone thing that Kali Malone is so good at. As long as I'm playing the comparison game, this has a distinct M83 flavor to me as well.

Jadu Heart, "Walk the Line"

Get a load of this prime Alexandra Patsavas-core stuff. There is no doubt in mind that we'll all hear this (very good!) song in the closing credits of some left-of-center "not actually funny" Netflix comedy in the future. A laconic "Young Folks"-ish vibe to it too. The album does eighteen thousand different types of indie-pop while also kind of sounding like everything that you've heard before—not a good or bad thing, just is.

YUNGMORPHEUS, "Harbour Blvd" [ft. ewonee]

"You work at Michael's." An insult? I can't tell. The last time I was in a Michael's I was miserable (6th Avenue location), although it was probably the layout. So it goes.

Goat Girl, "Sad Cowboy"

Another great cut from one of my favorite albums of the year. Read my interview with Lottie here.

dltzk, "woodside gardens 16 december 2012"

Throw a trance motif or a breakbeat into any song and you have my heart, do both at the same time and I'll love you forever.

Yves Jarvis, "For Props"

This guy is real interesting to me, he's got a bit of a solitary Chad VanGaalen thing going on while also sounding a bit like Tim Rutili at times. I love this song, it sounds like it just spilled right out of him.

Shordie Shordie and Murda Beatz, "LOVE" [ft. Trippie Redd]

Was going to say that the most embarrassing thing about me is how much I enjoy Trippie Redd's music at times, but there's no way that's the most embarrassing thing about me. The Shordie Shordie tape this is off of is interesting enough, he flips Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You" at one point. As far as melodic rap that gets stuck in your head, you could certainly do worse.


If you open a project with something like this, it's gonna flatten everything that follows by design, and even though I really like Ends of the Earth that's basically what happens when this one comes on. Real good though!

Another Michael, "New Music"

Getting to the point in the year where I start sharing stuff from albums I've already Dozen'd (is that a thing?) on here if the album has stuck with me enough. There's a bracing clarity to Another Michael's music that's really helped me out this year, that's enough personal stuff for now.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew, "Thinking About You"

Said this on Twitter already but if I were 18 right now these guys would be my favorite thing on earth? Bad Boy Chiller Crew's "thing" is so repetitive—sped-up UKG/freestyle/house samples and beats, lyrics almost exclusively about flash cars and doing and/or selling coke—that its effectiveness is mind-boggling. I guess this is their attempt at a love song, which is hilarious and also works quite well. Who knew!

Deftones, "Urantia"

Tried to buy Deftones tickets for September and they start at $180? Mods?!?!? I guess it turned out that concerts can come back and are going to just be expensive as hell from now on, even worse than before. Sucks, whatever, bigger fish to fry, etc.

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