Baker's Dozen: Rian Treanor, Bruiser Wolf, and the Zen of Kurt Vile

Baker's Dozen: Rian Treanor, Bruiser Wolf, and the Zen of Kurt Vile

Baker’s Dozen is a weekly thing for paid subscribers where I share a playlist and some thoughts on the music I’ve been listening to.

Mr. Mitch, "Did We Say Goodbye"

The king of weightless grime returns. Lovely sense of (extreme Mark Fisher voice) nostalgic decay on this one, the hype has died down around Mr. Mitch a bit which means he can just do his thing and keep quietly stunning those who are tuning in.

Tyler, the Creator, "HOT WIND BLOWS" [ft. Lil Wayne]

Is Call Me If You Get Lost (or, if you're DJ Drama, Call Me When You Get Lost) the best album yet from chillwave rap scion Tyler, the Creator? People old enough to regularly make car payments seem to think so, I still personally think Flower Boy is his peak but this new one is definitely hitting. Wayne's entrance on this tune is one of my favorite musical moments of the year, I listen to this song almost every morning.

Westside Gunn, "Lessie" [ft. Keisha Plum]

When I started this newsletter over a year ago, someone told me to anticipate developing recurring bits over time—and I'm increasingly realizing that putting Griselda tracks in these playlists is in itself its own bit. (Hey, speaking of music primarily liked by people old enough to make regular car payments...) In all seriousness, I love Keisha Plum's verse and delivery on this, it's cold-serious and very hilarious all at once.

Isola, "Ricorda - Tell Me"

Awesome production on this, imagine how this would sound in a smoky club on a nice soundsystem.

Rian Treanor, "Debouncing"

I think Thom Yorke put a Rian Treanor track on a recent mix? Great taste as always. Egghead club stuff only plays with me if it feels distinctive and/or bold (simply "thoughtful" just doesn't really cut it for me), but Treanor knows how to do it right.

Bartees Strange, "Mustang"

Wow, what a song. The best rock song of 2006 I reckon, and that is a massive compliment from where I sit. Not into this album the way everyone else seems to be but that's OK, if you can write a song like this you've already and clearly got the goods.

21 Savage and Metro Boomin, "Rich Ni**a Shit" [ft. Young Thug]

The whole tape was eh and 21 Savage, despite his persistence thus far, was always going to be a "one moment and maybe that's it" artist (Savage Mode was indeed that moment), which is why he and Metro Boomin went back to the nomenclatural well a second time most likely. This song is real pretty though, like some sort of shimmering pool, Thug is as usual excellent.

Arm's Length, "Garamond"

These guys are basically "RIYL: The Hotelier," and, like, what is wrong with that anyway?

Tems, "Ice T"

Tems is having a bit of a moment with that Wizkid song right now, here's another great song from her.

Kurt Vile, "Dandelions"

Kurt Vile is always there when you need him. "I like the feeling of being sentimental, and also a little mental." What a lyric! One of the American greats at this point, a legend.

Róisín Murphy, "Shellfish Mademoiselle"

Is it a disco revival or just a series of well-timed coincidences? Much to consider. It's not like there's ever a bad time to listen to disco anyway. Róisín Murphy's been at it like this for forever now and she pretty much owns her lane, with repeated listens I haven't been as into this record as I would've liked but a few songs are killer, including this one.

Greet Death, "Strange Days"

My friend Willie recommended this one forever ago and I love it, basically a Band of Horses shoegaze emo Deafheaven thing? Am I getting it right? Whatever.

Bruiser Wolf, "I'm an Instrument" [ft. Danny Brown]

My initial reaction to the Bruiser Wolf was that I didn't like it, and then by the time it was over I realized I loved it. A distinct way of rapping that, once it makes sense in your brain, you can't unhear as really appealing. Great concept on this track, Danny is of course very solid on here as well.

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