Baker's Dozen: MoMa Ready, Fever Ray, and the Limits to the 2000s Revival

Baker's Dozen: MoMa Ready, Fever Ray, and the Limits to the 2000s Revival

Baker's Dozen is a weekly feature for paid subscribers where I share music that I've been enjoying recently along with some scattered critical thoughts around it.

Sess the Problem, "Taxi Vibe"

Another one from the Taxi Sampler 01 compilation, which is really just all bangers. There's streaks of trance in this, which is appealing for anyone who loves trance (me).

Christina Aguilera, "Ya Llegué"‎‎‎

It's 2000s revival this and 2000s revival that, but when Christina Aguilera drops a Spanish-language EP it's crickets, huh? OK, the EP isn't very good as a whole, but this song slaps sufficiently.

‎‎Great song title obviously, great junglist sounds too—sounds that, to me at least, never get old.

Hikaru Utada, "Find Love"

Already posted "Somewhere Near Versailles" a few BD's ago,‎ but I had to share another banger from what is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Hikaru Utada's always been a blind spot for me, if anyone has any recommendations on where to start when digging into their catalogue I'm all ears.

The Soundcarriers, "Driver"

I am such a sucker for this stuff—specifically, clattering British indie-pop that feels at once nostalgic and a tad futuristic as well. Definitely very reminiscent of my cherished and long-departed faves Broadcast, specifically The Noise Made By People.

Clairo, "Blouse"

After a few listens, I've landed as fairly lukewarm on Clairo's Sling, a record that's an interesting move but doesn't pan out as successfully as, say, Immunity, which continues to be a massively influential album on various levels of pop music. But this song is stunning and gorgeous to me, she's obviously a deep talent and could make a few more records like this and I'd still be following her down the path.

The Appleseed Cast, "Collision"

(Dr. Manhattan voice) It's 2003. I am listening to The Appleseed Cast. It's 2008. I am listening to The Appleseed Cast. It's 2022. I am listening to The Appleseed Cast. OK I'm doing this bit mostly to illustrate that The Appleseed Cast are a band that I've been trying with for literal decades, but at this point in my music listening history am finally in a headspace where I really get and appreciate what they do. This song is sick.

Fever Ray, "I'm Not Done (Live)"

Oh my God, what a fucking vibe. Huge regret missing the Plunge tour, it actually makes me sad and I don't really get show-related FOMO, like, ever. Live At Troxy is a really incredible document of just how good music "like this" can sound in a communal space, almost makes you feel like you're feeling the air pushed from the speakers themselves.

Walker Hayes, "What If We Did" [ft. Carly Pearce]

Yup, the Applebee's TikTok guy. I"m casting a wide net here! Country Stuff: the Album is sufficiently popping to make it clear why this guy had a hit, ‎‎‎‎‎most of it sounds bad to me but I can understand its appeal. This song is gorgeous though, Carly Pearce's vocals make it sound like a Cocteau Twins song almost. Almost makes the overall sentiment, which is as sweetly wistful as it is dismayingly trad, swallowable.


Massive production here, shares some DNA with the latest (and quite good!) Years & Years album ‎in embracing an expansive, "Relax"-esque approach to dance-pop production. I would love for more things to sound like "Relax" in general; I will accept replicating Cut Copy's Zonoscope era as a substitute.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, "Interior People (Confidence Man Remix)"

Last one of these I'll be featuring, real k-hole rave music, always a vibe.

SOM, "Center"

Was saying to a friend about the latest Deafheaven album (which I don't really like, but will share a song from next week) suffers from an issue that there are plenty of darkwave bands doing "that sound" way better than them. Here's a good example!

Yola, "Like a Photograph"

Unrelated, but there used to be a very legit all-night Mexican place in Williamsburg called Yola's, closed down a few years ago, what a terrible shame, nobody did it better. Good record here, the production and songwriting push it over the top for me, this song really takes me out in particular.‎‎‎

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