A Brief Apology and a Bit of Informal Feedback-Seeking

A Brief Apology and a Bit of Informal Feedback-Seeking

Hello! If you're getting this, it's because you're a paid subscriber. Some of you may have asked yourself on Friday, "Where is the Baker's Dozen?" I too found myself asking the same question late Saturday night, when I went into the Letterdrop backend and found that I never hit publish on Friday morning. So, uh, whoops! My apologies. It went out late Saturday night, but if you want to access it right now without going back to the inbox, it's right here.

Honestly, the fact that I straight-up forgot to hit "publish" after writing the entire post highlights that I've been very busy these days, which is also why you haven't seen any "free" newsletters recently. My work situation has substantially changed in the last several months, financially for the better—which has consequently also allowed me to donate all proceeds from this newsletter to the National Network of Abortion Funds for the time being—and the warmer months has meant more traveling that impacts the regularity of the newsletter as a whole. It's not going anywhere, though, I promise! (Maybe you didn't even think it was going anywhere, but honestly when I take a brief hiatus, even for a week, I go into a "Will I ever write again?" panic, so.)

For one, you'll still be getting Baker's Dozens every week if you're a paid subscriber. And I'll have more interviews/criticism in the months to come too. I'm also considering doing more free Baker's Dozens in weeks where I don't have anything planned, for three reasons: I tend to generate the playlists quicker than I can post them these days, said quickness means that they're easy for me to post during weeks where I don't have any other free content to offer, and giving free readers a chance to see what they could be paying for could also generate more paid subscriptions.

My question to you, the paid subscriber, is: Will you be offended if I start doing free Baker's Dozens with irregular regularity, given that they are the paid tier reward? Will it devalue your subscription to the point where it's not appealing to subscribe anymore, or are you OK with it? Am I thinking too much about all of this? Your feedback can be sent directly to my email (larry.fitzmaurice@gmail.com); if I don't hear anything back, I will be forced to assume all is well and everything is OK.

Thanks for reading and for supporting this newsletter, I can't believe I'm coming up on two years of this newsletter's existence and I hope to be expressing similar disbelief for years to come. Talk soon.

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