The Answers to Every Question You've Ever Had

Well, maybe just a few questions. And answers.

The Answers to Every Question You've Ever Had

What Is Last Donut of the Night?

It’s the name of the second-to-last song on J Dilla’s Donuts, the late Detroit producer’s final album completed before his death in 2006. (Donuts is one of my favorite albums of all time.) It’s also the name of my newsletter!

Wait—Who’s “My”?

Oh, sorry. I’m Larry Fitzmaurice. I’ve been writing about music and popular culture since getting some clips in at Tiny Mix Tapes in 2007 and have since written for, edited at, and worked for publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, New York Magazine, SPIN, Pitchfork, GQ, VICE, and The FADER.

Cool. So What’s Up With This Newsletter?

Valid question. Last Donut of the Night is a twice-weekly newsletter—Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can set your watch to it—covering music, the issues surrounding music writing itself, other areas of popular culture, and old episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. (Kidding about the last one. Maybe. ) Some installments will be critical essays, some will be interviews, and some will be a collection of shorter thoughts on stuff that’s on my radar along with reader mailbag dialogues.

How Do I Read It?

Very carefully. But seriously: for the first four weeks of its existence, Last Donut of the Night will be free to read with an optional paid subscription tier ($5/mo, or $50/yr). In August, the majority of the posts will be subscription-only, with the occasional free post to remind you of what you’re missing by not signing up for a paid subscription.

You Mentioned a Reader Mailbag…

I sure did. If you want to ask me a question, shit on me for a personal opinion I once expressed, send me your music, or if you’re a publicist looking to inquire about coverage or an interview, you can reach me at If your inquiry fits into one of the first two categories, I just might highlight your email along with my answer in the newsletter.

Are You on Social Media?

I mean, if you’re here, you probably follow me on Twitter (@lfitzmaurice) already—but this newsletter has its own Twitter too! Follow it on @lastdonutnight for updates on posts and, most likely, other fun stuff.

One Last Thing—Who Did Your Logo?

It’s great, right? My good friend Daniel Shovlin, who bashfully requested no credit but has an Instagram you can follow here.

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