A Quick Note Or Two

A Quick Note Or Two

I had a few ideas for a newsletter installment today but none of them made sense and some of them seemed better to think on for a little, and that’s fine. I’m not doing any year-end content either because I’m still listening to a lot of 2020 releases and are likely going to be highlighting music from them (and 2019 releases, and so on) in Baker’s Dozens for the next few months (as well as writing about them too). So maybe I’ll do a best of 2020 in, like, April. I don’t know.

So I figured I’d take this time to say thanks to anyone who’s signed up, subscribed, read, shared, or overall just interacted with this newsletter in general. Any one of my close friends will tell you that I’d been thinking about doing this for at least a year before (gestures around us), and my hesitance was largely because I was like, well, what if no one gives a shit and it just looks stupid? But I’ve gotten lots of nice and thoughtful emails and comments from readers in my inbox and on other social media platforms, and as someone who loves making friends online it’s great to make more friends online.

I’m happy for anyone who’s gotten anything out of this the way that I have, and I’m looking forward to continuing to do the newsletter in the year to come. I won’t be going on holiday hiatus—tomorrow’s installment will be a free Baker’s Dozen post in the spirit of giving, and I have some cool interviews scheduled too. OK, peace out.

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Jamie Larson